Westlach celebrates flowering in gardens

Westlack, Ohio – Westlack is known for many things, including its beautiful gardens. Every year the city offers creative and caring residents through a flower contest through Flower Westlack.

This year’s submissions were announced in early July. The winners were announced on August 9 at the Elen Humphrey Hall of Fame Community Services.

In the hope of winning the first, second, or third place in the first category, the city-sponsored projects include every Hilde Bulevard flower, hoping to win countless Westlach residents in the first category. Box, Evergreen Cemetery Memorial Garden, Westlack Community and Garden.

Winners of the 2021 West African Flower Winners are as follows

Evergreen Cemetery Gardens Gardens

First place – the shock family

Second place – in the memory of Chuck and Peg Stein

Third place – in memory of Col. Robert Franklin Overmeyer

Hillar Bolvard Flower Box

First place – ConstructAbility Inc.

Second place – Dave and Kim Sharda

Third place – the Wowski family

Community Garden

First place: Mitch M

Second place – Lee Ding

Third place – George Zheng

Apartment, condominium or subdivision entrance

First place – Bay Resort condominiums

Second place – Remington apartments

Third place – West Gardens Apartment

Nursing home / assistant / independent living facility

First Place: Ra-Ann Suburban Nursing and Rehabilitation, 29505 Detroit Road

Second place – Westlaw Belvedere, 29591 Detroit Road

Third Place: Ra-Ann Westlack Nursing and Rehabilitation, 28303 Detroit Road


First place – Implemented Companies LLC, 28825 Rani Parkway

Second place – SpyGlass Group, LLC, 25777 Detroit Road

Third place – Kleinz Jewelry, 25979 Detroit Road

Place of worship / institutional / ball-public / public place

First place – St. Ladislas Catholic Church, 2345 Basset Road

Second place – Westla United Methodist Church, 27650 Center Ridge Road

Third place: Westlak Seventh-day Adventist Church, 2335 Center Ridge Road

Westlake Mayor Dennis Claw, on the left, will present Lu Walter with the “Best of the Blues” award to Jane and Lo Povinelli for the 2021 Westcham Bloom competition. (Photo by Westlack)

Garden and Garden Single-Family

First place – Marian X and Dr. Roger Manses, 30085 Percimon Drive

Second place – Bill and Libby Miller, 2375 Chestnut Drive

Third place – Terry J. Mosam, 2834 Clark Parkway

Garden and Garden Multi-family / cluster house

First place – Robert McCormick and Richard Lindsley, 1111 Club Drive

Second place – Evelyn J. Davis, 1088 Club Drive

Third place Sharon El Hulsman, 3063 Bay Airport Drive

Garden Garden

First place Don Falasca, 30217 Hilliard Bolevard

Lu Walter “Best in Flower” Award –

First place – Lu and Jean Povinelli, 1415 Prince Charles Street.

Second place – Kundmler family, 24360 Westwood Road

Third place – Lona Nimylowycz, 31248 Muirfield Way

Young Gardener Award;

Roxy, Danny and Abby Stewart, 27507 Hecklock Drive

Shadow Garden

First place – Tony and Rachel Novak, 1550 Meloros Club

Second place – Diane de Morris and Family, 29547 Schwartz Road

Third place – Kimberly Williams, 24525 Annie Lane

Window / flower boxes

First place – Beverly Wilkinson, 25028 Trisia Drive

Second place – Grace Flangan, 801 Dover Center Road

Third Place – Mi Michel Walsh, 1524 Marviv Drive

Residential landscape: front yard

First place Mary Bete and Jack Bedell, 1874 Settlers Reserve Road

Second place – M. Colette Gibbons and Harlan S. Hertz, 28841 Weybridge Drive

Third place – Dr. William and Ann Marie Far, 26499 Primrose Lane

Residential landscape: backyard farm, small

First place – Lu and Jean Povinelli, 1415 Prince Charles Street.

Second place – Bill and Rosali Mለርller, 30354 Hilliard Blade.

Third place – Ken and Sharon Dideon, 29910 Sekoya Trail

Residential landscape: backyard, large

First place – Lan for To and Binh V. To, 26945 Sleepless Hotel

Second place – Nancy Shill, 2237 Silver Track

Third place – Myresh Don, 27102 Courtland Plains

Residential landscape: total yard, small

First place Vicki and Dennis Wart, 1665 Allan Drive

Second place – James and Jean Moran, 1933 Reeds Court Trail

Third place – Colin and John Valenhorst, 26910 Morgan Run

Residential landscape: total yard, large

First place – Karen Pintenich, 28419 Center Ridge Road

Second place – The Crystals, 2255 Silver Trail

Third place – Terry Monoli, 29785 Devonshire Oval

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