WGFD releases 2021 hunting forecast for Lami region

The Wyoming Game and Fishing Department recently released a hunting forecast for the Larami region.


Over the past four years, herd herds have declined in the north and east, including Iron Mountain (hunting area 38), Medoudel (hunting area 11), Hawk Springs (hunting area 34), and Douer (hunting area 103).

Also in mid-March, there was a major hurricane with more than 30 ”snowstorms in the Plate, Goshen, and Larami provinces, resulting in an increase in winter deaths. As a result, the department has reduced licenses in hunting zones 11, 34, 38 and 103.

In order to alleviate some of the pressure on the Doi population in hunting area 38, a license for any pronghorn 38 type 2 south of Highway 34 has been added. There is a good amount of dollars in these herds, but it will be difficult to find older animals.

Hunters do not expect to see this population increase beyond its current size. In connection with this, Mount Elk (hunting area 50) is doing well so hunters should expect to have many opportunities to harvest a single thorn.

Due to low rainfall in most parts of the region, pronghorn is concentrated near wetlands and other water sources.

The mule deer

Over the past three years, the population of the Sheep Mountains, the Plate Valley, and Mount Shirley has increased dramatically. Although the whole fire has dramatically changed the landscape in the icy region, the regeneration of essential grass and shrubs will have a long-term positive effect on breeding and survival. Hunters should be prepared for the timber in the forest service road system.

In the Plate Valley herd, 83 hunting zones have been removed and 80 hunting restrictions have been set up to reduce hunting regulations. Buck ratios remain high across the Plate Valley, but due to total fires, the number of licenses in the hunting area has dropped to 78 since 2020.

F. Medium weather conditions continue until harvest, and hunters may find deer in the summer and in the transitional regions.

Poor cereal production combined with high prevalence of chronic disease (CWD) with herds of harmful rhymes and larvae.


The elk will remain above their target, so there will be plenty of harvest opportunities in the region. Mullen’s fire restores plant communities and improves reproductive health and contributes to overcrowding.

Hunters are encouraged to use elk in the burning scars of these vegetation improvements south of Highway 130 in the icy area.

Changes have been made in the Elk herd hunting areas and in the Shirley Mountain herd (hunting area 16) so hunters should know the dates and restrictions before going out into the field.

Bighorn Lamb

The hunting of Bighorn sheep should be very good in the region.

Hunting areas 18 and 21 have been reopened for the 2021 season following the closure of 20. Hunters typically have 90% success in the Douglas Creek, Shield River and Lame Peak herds, and the same is expected in 2021.


It is considered to be one of the best hunting opportunities in the snowy region. Harvest success on both Type 1 and Type 4 licenses remains unique (98%), and the herd maintains both high bull ratios and good calf production. Mullen’s fire is also expected to improve mousse, but it still remains to be seen.

Drought conditions

Drought in southeastern Wyoming was relatively mild compared to other parts of the region, particularly in the Plate, Goshen, and Larami counties.

However, when they moved away from those areas, there was very little rainfall, with hunters expecting to accumulate in the catchment areas and irrigated lands.

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