What are the current rules for traveling between India and Sweden?

Have people in Sweden been warned not to travel to India?

Yes. The government recommends avoiding unnecessary travel to most countries outside the EU, including India. This is not a travel ban, and there is no exact definition of what “unnecessary trips” mean, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “primarily refers to visits and tourism,” not business trips. Travel may be necessary for family reasons, but you should be aware that not following this advice could affect the validity of your travel insurance, so check your insurance terms and conditions if you want to travel.

Even when traveling to countries without a warning, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that an accident assessment be made, that you read the local CV-19 regulations and plan your trip home in advance. This clearly applies to India and other countries on the warning list.

Are people allowed to travel from India to Sweden?

Depends. To alleviate the epidemic, entry into Sweden has been temporarily banned, and foreigners traveling to Sweden are barred from entering the country. However, there are some exceptions, for example:

  • Citizens of Sweden, EU citizens and EEA citizens (also citizens of San Marino, Andorra, Monaco and the Vatican)
  • Individuals with a residence permit in Sweden or another EEA region, and their family members (this includes a spouse, cohabiting partner or a child under the age of 18, but does not generally include parents or siblings)
  • Holding a national visa for Sweden
  • People who travel for family reasons
  • People who travel to Sweden for educational purposes
  • People in Sweden who travel to work for important tasks, such as healthcare professionals, transporting goods such as food and medicine, and current workers in agriculture, forestry and horticulture.

Although you are going to Sweden for the first time, you do not need to have a residence permit in Sweden – it is enough to get a permit.

Read the full list of exceptions to the ban here. Whether other people can travel to Sweden depends on India’s own travel advice and the availability of international flights.

Some categories of expedited readers may also need to show a negative Covid-19 test to allow them to enter, although other than (for example, residents). You can read more about laws and liberties on the Police Authority website (test rules b Entering Sweden is legally enforced and different from exam tips Later Arriving in Sweden).

The entry ban is in effect until at least August 31stSt. Unlike many other countries, Sweden’s entry ban does not differentiate between vaccines and vaccines, so full vaccination does not affect your right to enter Sweden.

Entry restrictions apply to the country you are traveling to Sweden, so if you have a flight connecting to another part of the EEA, you are considered to have entered the EEA in that country, so be sure to read the rules in that country. Sweden will process you once you have entered the EEA, which means that the rules for traveling to another EEA country apply to you. Again, you can read more about it on the Police Authority’s website. Currently, Sweden has no restrictions on immigrants to the Nordic countries.

Note that the Swedish Migration Board has stopped many visa applications for Sweden. According to the website, “Applications received will be examined as usual, and applications will also be subject to special examination in connection with Sweden’s temporary entry ban.”

Moving to learn in Sweden

If you are studying at a university or starting a PhD in Sweden, you can get a residence permit, even if you study far or part of the campus. This will work for all of 2021. Beginning in 2021, most courses will be offered online, at least in part, with the aim of returning to campus as soon as circumstances permit.

The percentage of space and online courses varies from university to university and often varies depending on your course. If you are planning to move to Sweden after the start of your course, you may want to contact your course administrator to find out exactly when you will be asked to stay on campus.

Although there is a reduction in available space and a general incentive to study at home as much as possible, most university libraries and study areas remain open during the epidemic.

What are the rules Later Coming from India to Sweden?

If you meet the requirements to enter Sweden from India, there are still some rules and tips you need to know. According to the Swedish Public Health Directive, unless you have been fully vaccinated (in this case, your immunization status will play a role) you should be excluded for seven days after your arrival, regardless of your CV-19 test results. If you have been fully vaccinated and received your second dose before coming to Sweden, you will be exempt from this advice.

If you arrive in Sweden from India, you will need to get a CV-19 test as soon as possible after you arrive. Even if you do not have symptoms, you should have a second test on the fifth day. These recommendations are currently in effect at least until August 31stSt.

If you have been fully vaccinated before coming to Sweden and had a second dose at least three weeks ago, you are free from this advice (but if you have symptoms, you should still get tested). Note the different time limits for testing suggestions and self-exclusion suggestions.

YYou also need to make sure you know the Swedish tips to stop the transmission of CV-19. For private individuals, many restrictions do not apply by law, but it is important to know that they are not considered an option. That includes being away from others, If possible, meet people rather than internally and avoid large gatherings; Stay at home and isolate if you have symptoms of VV-19, and stay away from congested areas.

You can read more about current Swedish laws here.

What else do I need to know when traveling to Sweden?

The information in this article was written as accurately as possible. We also recommend that readers seek information from official sources, as each person’s situation may be slightly different and the rules may change quickly. The rates of infection and hospitalization in Sweden are currently lower than in the past, but some regions, including Stockholm, are showing signs of reversal. Here are a few websites that can help you

KrisInformation is a service that collects information on the crisis of the Swedish authorities and has an English section dedicated to the epidemic.

The Public Health Agency will publish new figures on Tuesday, Friday at 2 p.m. The Public Health Agency publishes information on current health and safety advice, although the English language section sometimes takes a while to update.

On the Swedish Health Care website 1177.se, there is information on how to seek health care in Sweden and get a Covi-19 test.

The Swedish Police Authority has a website dedicated to frequently asked questions about Swedish entry restrictions. Local has found this to be often up-to-date.

As the travel rules between the two countries improve, the Swedish embassy in India will publish updates on its website. Here is the link to the website of the Indian Embassy in Sweden.

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