What do you need to grow

Marisa Y. Thompson

The only difference between a gardener and a new gardener is the number of plants they kill. This column is for beginners who want to grow something in a backyard or doorway but do not know exactly where to start. Or maybe you tried half-hearted a while, and it didn’t end well.

Container Vegetable 101 Includes container type and size, drainage, soil selection, recommended plants, additional drainage, placement and irrigation.

What kind of container is better? Generally, use large pots for large plants or small plant compounds, and use small pots for individual plants. If the pot is small, you can expect it to dry quickly. And avoid using a large container with a large and small plant because that extra soil can cause problems – it can drain moisture, dry the plant quickly, or retain moisture too long and cause root rot.

Marisa Y. Thompson

When buying pots, the first thing to look for is a good drain in the bottom or several small drains. It is very difficult to say that the water is flowing well, so I would not recommend it to beginners. Sometimes pots are sold without holes. If so, you will need to dig your own way. Five or six holes each 1/4 inch is a good start. For larger pots, more holes may be needed.

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