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It’s no secret that Austin wants Texas to have an NFL football team. In August, there were reports of Buffalo Accounts wanting to relocate and that Austin was a city often mentioned.

What if Austin gets bills for that matter or any other NFL team? And what if the Buc-ee owners used some pocket change to become the full owners of some Austin NFL franchises? Think of the possibilities.

What do you call the group?

Of course, Austin Beavers immediately comes to mind. Now, a beaver may not notice the strong and mako image that is often associated with football. But remember, beavers feed on trees with their bare teeth, they can bring huge rivers to a standstill, and there is a lot of oscillation in that skin tail.

Compare with other NFL teams:

NFL team Weakness

  • Giant (NY) little kids with a slingshot.
  • Cardinals (Arizona) Everything except cricket and grasshopper
  • Browns are not even a primary color.
  • Titans (Tennessee) * Watch the Giants *
  • No Name (Washington) Lack of creativity. Can’t even name it

Yes, compared to many other NFL teams, I always carry a beaver in battle.

BUC-EE Bazaar as a Master

How suitable this would be for this new NFL team. If you think Buc-ee will be as determined as a mascot, check out some other NFL mascots. Sir Carolina Makos name, Gumbo for Holy Dogs, Brown Elf Cleveland (beware, it eats all your syrup and spaghetti), Rakon is for Tennessee Macos, Sourdough Sam for 49ers, and my favorite Cowboys, no more beautiful than Roddy Cowboy. He has a dimple, perfect teeth, and he seems to be in the eternal quest for peach fuzz.

Market opportunities through the roof

No one sells better than the people in Buc-ee. In Texas, everyone has at least one shirt, towel, hat, or beaver logo. Now, give that same management to the NFL team and watch them go wild.

They may have a special section called dam builders for loud fans. Doesn’t this sound like a big deal to TV advertisers that “those dam builders are going crazy tonight”? All soccer players will have two toothpicks on top of them. The happy group is called the Nuggets. Fans rocked the stadium with two packed plastic beaver tails instead of thunder rods. “Beaver Fever!” You can launch a line of T-shirts featuring a Book-E photo with Mill’s caption.

too much?

We do, it’s just an idea, maybe more than a dream.

Austin Beavers. Or maybe Buc-ee shortened it to Austin Bucks.

One day, maybe.

After all, one thing is for sure. Of all the NFL stadiums, they have the cleanest toilets.

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