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Gene Gross Denver Colorado

Denver, Colorado, is a architect who specializes in green design initiatives. Naturally, his work brings with it the opportunity to include specialists in landscape architecture, along with other businesses involved in the given project.

Everyone knows architects; They design buildings and infrastructure, but what exactly is related to landscape architecture?

Jean Gross explains below what you need to know about landscape architecture, what landscape architects do and how it influences this industry, including some current trends.

What is landscape architecture?

Landscaping Architecture is the study and practice of designing the environment both internally and externally, Denver Colorado Gross. Landscaping architects design environments, creating both attractive and functional spaces, from parks to residential areas as well as college campuses. Landscaping architect is trained and licensed, which means collaborating with builders to complete the vision.

What projects can result

Landscaping architects can take on various projects to analyze, plan, design, and build the final vision. In addition to excavating and constructing landscaping projects, projects can go from being aesthetically pleasing to introducing the whole area.

Jean Gross explains that these projects can vary from urban design to small details. For example, whole cities and towns can be designed, but ponds can be made more attractive to frogs and other creatures.

Some projects may be

  • Urban design
  • Creating public parks
  • Green roads
  • Wearing a green belt
  • Community gardens
  • Residential roofs and roofs gardens

Landscaping Architecture Process

Whatever the details of the project, the landscape architecture process is long and detailed. These steps include:

  1. Ann First consultation.
  2. A Proposal / Short For the design.
  3. Analyzing the site And determine the resources needed.
  4. Conceptual design; This is a proposal that works with the client and gets all the necessary documents in order.
  5. Design development Or a more detailed design.
  6. Construction documents; This project schedule is determined in chronological order by all papers, including the planned budget and detailed documentation for each stage.
  7. Construction die- Gene Gross explains that this vision is a step in the right direction. This is a long process from demolition, construction, installation of services and any finishing work.
  8. Post-construction review: This is an important step for a landscape architect to evaluate how this site works and how effective it is. This can be analyzed in the months or years after the completed design, both fiction and non-fiction.

Qualifications of landscape architects

Being a landscape architect is a difficult process. A bachelor’s or master’s degree is usually required to enter a profession. It can take four or five years to complete a bachelor’s degree.

When taking one of these courses, Denver Colorado, according to Denver Colorado, most professionals recommend completing summer internships to gain experience in the field and make post-graduation work easier. There are also courses to develop skills and earn higher wages.

Trends affecting landscape architecture

While some projects may need to be out of style (e.g. lighting and landscape design), there are many new trends affecting the industry and the types of projects that landscape architects are working on today.

Gene Gross Denver Colorado

Climate change

The impact of climate change and growing importance on the environment has influenced how landscaping is done. Architects are tasked with working with the planet but not against it, which has reduced deforestation and excavation work.

Some examples we can expect are irrigation systems designed to promote rainwater and gardens for wildlife and to encourage flowering. These trends are particularly related to the Cop-26 and its local counterpart, Gross said.


Despite the impact of the CV-19 on manpower in the United States, landscape architects are still in demand. Experts in the industry have noticed an increase in outdoor spaces, pop-ups and private and public garden projects since early 2020.

People are looking for places outside the home because of the time spent in the locker room and the need to communicate in public with strict safety precautions. This means that more people are gathering in parks and outdoor cafes than in the recent quarter, indoor restaurants.

Landscaping architects have been hired to design outdoor spaces that entice people of all ages, and they will continue to work with businesses on how to create more outdoor seating in their businesses.

Caring for the soul garden began before 2020. However, Gene Gross expects many gardeners to continue looking for landscape architects because of their interest in gardening during the lockout period.

What makes these places special is the fact that landscape architects are passionate about making it a versatile place for yoga, meditation, exercise and gardening.

We are seeing workplaces begin to create these safety gardens in their office buildings to get employees to work in the office.


Landscaping architecture may be affected by some unique trends due to climate change and the need for outdoor space, but the need for beautiful, practical and safe landscape design remains.

Denver, Colorado, Gene Gross looks forward to seeing how these landscape architecture will continue over the next few years. In any case, there are many opportunities to study landscape architecture at the University of the United States, and architects in this field will have a wide range of projects to choose from throughout their careers.

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