What to expect at the Memphis Exhibition

Louis Carroll’s 1865 masterpiece, Alice Adventures in the Underground, inspired the film, stage dramas, paintings, songs, and cartoons.

In Memphis Vegetation Garden, Inspired by Leaves.

To be clear, the queen, with the Flamingo Cricket hammer, the Chesapeake cat with its magical smile, the soldiers on the cards, and young Alice herself brought her life to life in the form of “mosaic sculpture”. For an exhibition titled “Alice Adventures in the Garden” at the attraction. (Like most of Alice’s Adaptation Exhibition, Carroll 1871’s sequel takes “glass” elements.)

If topiari is the art of creating sculptures of trees and shrubs, “mosaiculture” is the art of creating large toppia-like sculptures by placing garden beds on a metal frame. The plants in the beds – red and white begonia, “blue baby tears”, “polka dot plants” sprayed with color – give shape and color to the subject.

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