What will be seen at Chicago Architecture Biennial 2021

What will be seen at Chicago Architecture Biennial 2021

Wondering what Chicago Architecture will look like every two years in 2021? Before the opening of this month, we met with art director David Brown and we got a little bit of what was going on in the show.

As physical performances in some parts of the world begin to return (with Milan’s design week and the opening of the Open House London), the Chicago architecture is preparing for its own celebration. For Chicago Architecture Biennial 2021, the fourth edition of the festival, David Brown, director of art, delved into a rich pool of contributors and subjects, creating a layered, diverse and exciting city-wide exhibition, tapping into key ideas such as urban and social sustainability. , Spaces, diversity and community. First-hand installation experience and meaningful talk for this two-year repetition.

In the program, Brown expands on the theme Available city, “How to Explore and Activate Empty Space” Entering the “Two Year Five” 2015, which serves as a museum for experimentation in new opportunities. In keeping with this theme (and to address the ongoing CV-19 epidemic), he migrated every two years outside the cultural headquarters of the Lop Cultural Center and placed a large number of entrances in the city’s neighborhoods, especially in the south and west. , With their empty fortune.

Soil laboratory installation. Image – Iblinin in Chattanooga, James Albert Martin, Maria Brown and Anne Dortmund

We met to learn more about the highlights of this issue, and highlighting that the two-year variable is a dynamic work in progress. living room And Under the grid, Pieces of issues such as some farms such as urban farming and local conventions: Of course, visitors should try to visit all sites if possible. By looking at the pre-holiday information, Razin, Invest South / West And Epic Academy I also feel like unique designs and concepts in terms of home ownership, performance and equity and art ideas.

Here are some great installations to visit during the Chicago Architecture Biennial 2021.

living room

This is a partnership between The Bittertang Farm and CCA Academy, a private and non-religious high school in Chicago’s North Laundel community. living room With an emphasis on health and well-being, it invites participation in urban agriculture and agriculture in the Perma Park garden.

Under the grid

A 15-block project under the Rose Architecture Chicago and Freedom House, under the Rose Line L, this project has two main components. Block Party And Cover the grid. The former Miami-based studio Barnes, Shawn Rudbari (Colorado), MAS Context (Chicago) and the West Side Association for Community Action (WACA). Celebrates the history of rich blockchain parties in Chicago’s west and south sides. Block Party Block parties stick to the structure designed to mimic major houses and create space for community planning and gathering.

In the meantime Cover the grid GPS-guided robots are the architecture of large-scale urban paintings, inviting people to participate in an unpredictable citizenship space, changing landscapes for civic gatherings.


Organized by guest superintendent Asha Iman Vel with quarantine assistants Shanno Lynn and Israel Joseph, this piece explores the themes of the 1959 Loren Hansbury Classic game. Raisins in the sun – Including home ownership for the first time, gender differences in color communities, and generational dreams. With over 30 works of art by Chicago and international artists; Razin Provides local and international perspectives on ‘home’.

Invest South / West

These site-based programs are run by four communities (behind Auburn Graham, Austin, Englwood and New City / Yard) and supported by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and special events, with a dedicated commitment to equity and access to art. Participating artists (for each community mentioned above) include Dorian Sylvain, Anthony Rupert, Eric Hotkis, and Fernando Ramirez and Project.

Epic Academy

The outdoor tent is made of durable wood and has been designed as a classroom and event venue by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in collaboration with Tsz Yan Ng and Wes McGee in Michigan University Taubman College and Urban Planning. Techniques.

The center does not hold In an open workshop. Image – Courtesy of open workshop

Although these topics are interesting and important, and the voices of their creators are ever-changing, they are only a taste of what Chicago Architecture will offer in 2021. Many events (tents, exhibitions, talks, etc.) extend. And the size of Chicago, making the city an all-encompassing architectural party — dealing with difficult issues in an accessible, fun, and experienced way. About 30 contributors from around the world have promised various and contemporary shows, which will be distributed throughout the city following the main theme.

‘Thoughts Available city All of the city-owned vacant land could actually be community-run condominiums, Brown said. Why is it important that those lotteries are primarily in inadequate areas. This type of common space operates in consideration of the needs of local organizations or residents, and of how those ideas are created to create spaces or manifest through spaces. .


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