When strict locking laws are in place, the industry will wither in the spring

The commercial flower industry is being left cold in this recent lock. Closing the door to pay the workers is an industry that cannot receive wages. This is an ongoing process of planting, tiring and rehabilitating, said David Bennett, spokesman for the National Garden.

“Although sales channels are open to other products, commercial farmers cannot export their products. One farmer told me that they could buy ‘donuts and alcohol, but flowers.’

Like other New Zealanders, gardeners were unselfish and patient, respecting locks. However, they expect a fair playing field where they can deliver unobtrusive access to consumers and other important service retailers.

Like other stable products, Active Level 4 can be completely delivered without contact. Unlike other businesses that are closed, they will have a return product when they start their business, commercial farmers will have a long lead over time and will have to grow the flowers during the most expensive growing season during the winter.

When MPI offers encouraging support for horticulture, time is of the essence and businesses need to be reassured as soon as possible.

“I urge the government to support this sector. She has perishable goods and has no choice but to watch them dry up.

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