When the epidemic occurs, the new RSE season will be tough – researcher

Many well-known current employers expect to struggle to survive in 2021-2022 unless they are able to renew and grow their RSE workers.

Photo RNZ / Johnny Knives

More than 300 stakeholders in the New Zealand RSE Plan gathered at Nelson last month for the 14th Annual RSE: The Post-Covid Future Conference.

This year’s meeting was “worrying” compared to the last RSE conference in Port Villa, Vanuatu, which focused on the sustainable development of the RSE program to support the expansion of the New Zealand horticultural industry (including wine). Event “.

Charlotte Bedford, a research fellow at the Australian National University, said the conference was attended by a large number of RSE employers, contractors, industry representatives and other stakeholders for many years.

Many RSSs were at the Guba conference to hear from the Minister of Immigration about access to current labor for the 2021-22 period.

“RSS wanted to know what many Pacific RSA workers would do to recover during the high harvest season,” said Bezford.

“This is especially true for small RSEs, many of whom spoke at the Guba conference. The stress is obvious.

There are some big players in the RSE program – four out of the RSE recruits in 2018-19 were 27 percent. However, most recognized RSEs are small enterprises.

A.D. In 2018-19, the last year of RSE recruitment before the outbreak of the CVD-19, 147 RSS recruited RSE laborers. Of these, 40 percent had less than 20 employees each, and 66 percent had less than 50 employees. Each of the Workers ”

Charlotte Bedford.

Charlotte Bedford.
Photo Presented by Charlotte Bedford

Open boundaries for current employees

The government announced last week that it would lift restrictions on RSE workers in New Zealand. The new measures will allow workers from Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu to pass MIQ.

Bedford welcomed the move, saying the government’s RSE border differences – while accepted by the industry – are limited to small RSS.

About $ 9,000 per worker, it is easily too expensive for small businesses to find Pacific workers who have to go through a government-run exclusion and exclusion (MIQ).

Instead, these small RISs relied on local temporary workers to share arrangements with other RSSs and / or use any available local labor, despite the high turnover of local temporary workers.

The 2020-2021 season was challenging, Bedford said.

He said that due to the VV-19 border restrictions, producers have not only been able to cope with the current labor shortage, but have also faced load disruptions that have affected fruit and wine imports.

Severe weather events in some regions have negatively affected crop yields.

“In order to get into seasonal work, Kiwis has been collecting crops in an effort to share RSE work in each region. However, general labor shortages are not necessarily selected in the main context, which affects the quality of exports.

“The impact of boundaries on the SSS was just as disproportionate. Many small enterprises, particularly horticulturalists, have reported significant challenges in harvesting their crops, and in some cases the lack of timely staffing and subsequent crop failure. ”

There are still about 7,000 full-time workers in New Zealand, most of whom are trapped here due to the Covide-19 epidemic.

RSE workers from Hastings in Bosk Garden, Samoa.

RSE workers from Hastings in Bosk Garden, Samoa.
Photo RNA / Anusha Bradley

Make an apology to those who speak too loudly

Meanwhile, immigration advocates say that the freedom of the border from the Pacific to temporary workers only increases the risk of overcrowding in New Zealand.

Although the move is a step in the right direction, the Refugee Workers’ Union says it lacks an important requirement.

According to Prime Minister Jassinda Arder, the cabinet intends to allow people with significant medical conditions in one of the countries where independent RSE workers can travel.

Arder wanted to start the system first.

However, Anu Kalotti, president of the Refugee Workers’ Union, said there was no danger of undocumented workers in the country.

Workers’ demands could be met if the government granted amnesty to more than 14,000 people in New Zealand.

The amnesty also provides Dawn Raids’ recent apology by the government for “true meaning and self-replication.”

We do not oppose the entry of many workers into the country, but there must be some sort of priority order. Those overstretched owners’ rights could have been part of the official economy. Undoubtedly, some had previously worked in unusual and perhaps the fruit and vegetable fields.

Tonga RSE workers in Motuteka.

Tonga RSE workers in Motuteka.
Photo Presented by Charlotte Bedford

“The Princess of Tonga has said that there must be some action on the Down Reds pardon in Auckland Municipality. Many other members of the Pacific community and other unions have called for forgiveness. So he has more respect. It gives a deep meaning to the community and to the apology.

Long-term RSE employers say removing boundaries is a great relief for current workers who have been in New Zealand for more than 18 months.

Levin-based strawberry and asparagus producer Geoff Lewis had 20 employees who said they had received the national Covider-19 lock six months ago in March last year.

Louis said the workers had been waiting for a cross-border trip since then.

This means that we can bring them home and find another group here. In New Zealand, they did not want to go home until they had been able to start their normal seven-month and five-month cycle. Months back home.

We work with a lot of long passengers who have been here, the staff who were here before VV, so we have been working in New Zealand for about six months.

They have been here for a long time and they are very loyal not only to our employers but also to their families and communities because they are now the only source of income for their home communities and I send the money there. “

Lewis said the long-term RSE workers had returned to Samoa and were the only source of income for their families.


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