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Pashek + MTR is working with two public agencies to design a high-risk stormwater runoff in Pittsburgh.

One October afternoon, I was standing on Squirrel Hill, five miles from downtown Pittsburgh, when I saw a young woman with a red bag trying to get off her bike. She approached the hill with good speed and lack of confidence and was halfway there before she started to lose speed. She started trembling two-thirds of the way. Driving a few more meters, she surrendered to the inevitable and ended her journey on foot.

It sits at the foot of the Whiteman Park, and has recently been redesigned around the power that the young woman is trying to overcome. Rainwater is stored in valleys in Pittsburgh Hill District. A.D. In 2014, the city’s Department of Public Works (DPW) launched a master-planning process for a low-lying, two-hectare park, a small baseball field, half a basketball court and older playgrounds. A flowing stream. Neighbors have heard that Pittsburgh-based Pashk + MTR landscape architects are deteriorating during hurricanes in the process of collecting and designing community resources for the master plan.

Sarah Thompson, ASLA, CEO of the company, said: (Additional…)

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