Who do you think Alan Tichmarsh did not appear in the BBC?

Alan Tichmarsh says his family’s love for gardening has been around for generations, but he says he has no plans to retire at the age of 72.

Love the Ground Force and your garden on our screens for over 30 years with your favorite TV presenter in Hampshire, Alison.

Alan says that although he has lived for a long time, he still does not. Instead, next year, before the 12th novel, it will host the big Christmas class in three UK cities.

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His success follows a humble beginning, with Alan leaving the school at the O-Level Arts, and later moving to London to study journalism at Queens Garden.

He later joined the BBC World Service as a fruit and vegetable expert and in 1996 hosted a world of gardening.

But he has been in charge of the Ground Force since 1997, which has made him a public figure.

Allen says his love for gardening can be inherited. “My father told me that his father and grandfather were gardeners until I moved to Kew,” he said. “It’s clear in genes.”

“Who do you think you are? I was about to work. But my sister was the vice-principal of a school, and I did not do it if we knew what bad things her students were using to beat her.

“A supporter built a family tree for me back in the 1700s. We were Yoman farmers, so there was always a connection to the lands there.

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Looking at the disruption caused by the cholera virus at Christmas last year, Alan said he would like to enjoy a regular family reunion.

He said, “We did what we could last year. Allison and I spent a lot of time obeying the rules and spending time with grandchildren in the garden.

“This is the kind of treatment that will return to normal this year.

“We have a barn here and a week before Christmas we will meet my friends for a night out. Only 50 or 60 people.

“I think we will spend Christmas away from home for the first time at my son’s house. This is fun. I feel good about being flexible, I just go where I want to be. ”

  • The Great Christmas Classics will be coming to London, Birmingham and Manchester from December 9 with Alan Tichmarsh. Tickets are available at www.raymondgubbay.co.uk.

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