Why do cones turn brown? Expert advice to avoid this common garden problem

Why do cones turn brown? This is a question that many of us have asked ourselves at one time, but it is a common problem among gardeners, and the answer and the cure are rarely talked about.

This unpleasant problem can occur in any garden in any corner, but with proper knowledge Garden ideasYou can prevent your cones from turning brown – and make sure your exterior stays green for a long time.

Why do cones turn brown?

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Brown spots can appear on any type of conch. However, experts say RHS (Opens in new tab) Conifers’ ro Cuprocyparis, leylandii (Lyland Cypress), Tuja Plata (Western Red Cedar) and Chamaisisparais Laosonia መሆናቸውን indicate a high risk of brown spot.

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