Why do you need to plan your garden as you plan your interior

Marilyn Damore is the founder of Design Construction Company Damore Drake and Kingston Design Relations. She is a zealous gardener and gardener. It connects the points in this series between gardening and interior design.

Marilyn Damore in her garden.

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Last year, combined with climate change awareness, many of us focused on tolerance. One of the best ways to do this? Raising our own food. I was enthusiastic about buying in supermarkets, and last year my own vegetable garden doubled. The change was part of my cooking, but it also made me think about how to get closer to the gardens. Growing food is a practical way to create your own resources, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great design. In fact, in designing gardens, I apply the same principles that I do when considering home issues. Here’s how to design my garden and take a similar approach.

Specify your external gaps

Garden with gravel

A view of Damor’s garden, surrounded by fences.

Marilyn Damor

If we do not have a drywall, this does not mean that you should not describe the gaps and materials in the house. We have ‘floor’ options in the garden, including peas, grass and straw. Each has its own characteristics (pea pebbles provide a good foot massage, grass blends into the landscape). Exterior walls, on the other hand, may have the shape of a fence or plant material. In my garden, I designed an ornamental and practical trellis fence structure – to use it for support as the plants grow (in addition to the text element for the fence design).

The wall also serves as a protection – the lower half of the fence is wrapped in chicken wire and buried underground to ward off rabbits, underground and other creatures.

Create a layout

While ceilings do not play a role in most garden designs, a well-defined entrance is just as important as the interior, as well as the outdoors. This effect can be directed to the backyard, pergola, or even to the garden in a way that indicates flow.

Looking for beautiful homes? We have a lot. Let’s swim against them.

Get the right preparation

Aerial view for mounting beds and tables

Arrangement of beds and design of a dining table in the center for the client’s garden.

Geoff Ross

Another key feature of the design is the placement where you can find what you are looking for. When it comes to gardens, the first estimate is where you can get 8-10 hours of sun a day. Then you need a pocket for cold-loving plants such as lettuce and radish. Practically, you want a garden that works (near the kitchen) – they use it more than they do nearby.

Use your garden as a warehouse

We like to think of outdoor spaces as home extensions; In a garden, it is a storehouse of fresh produce. Plant on this basis, along with the main ingredients that can be used in a variety of foods throughout the year. For me, this includes summer tomatoes, eggs and peppers. In winter, it is more about cabbage and root vegetables. Planting this way will help you to fully integrate your garden and cooking. And the garden should not sleep in the winter either – in the summer, I use summer leaves made from chopped herbs, capers, garlic and good olive oil (I can bother them!) To spread this on a ratatouille, salad dressing base or sandwich.


Purple flowers

Whistler around the entrance to the Damor Garden.

Marilyn Damor

Now that you have considered the basics of your garden, don’t forget about decorating. You may think that this lily is shining because we grow beautiful things outdoors, but it is possible to make a garden more beautiful by combining a few flowers.

For my garden, the largest ornamental part at the entrance is Whistler, which blooms in spring and autumn. Laws of lavender lead to the garden gate. When it rains, both Lavender and Whistler smell the air.

In the garden, the decoration for the beds exposed to the weather and rust continues with custom metal brackets. Sunrise is a common feature of terra cotta plinth when lights are placed on the fence from time to time. The beds themselves are also an opportunity to focus on design — why not lay out your plants in fun styles?

Being creative is how they see the world. Taking suggestions from the things you love inside will help you stay creative as you do at home. Good planting!

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