Why Fruit House is the New Greenhouse

While I still could not persuade the green house tomatoes, the warmth and radiance of the nicotine in their leaves waved, Dickinson’s fruit cottage of the saints, a tower of protection, ripe for robbery; A real fruit factory that has been illegally harvested and tasted everything.

All my youth focused on eating at school and at home. I can conclude that there was very little around him – never between meals, and in five families, not much in the way of second aid. From the fruit hut (hot, canned and packed in the summer) P dings were provided only at my grandmother’s house.

Now that I am a gardener, an orchard is always on the list of essentials not only for fruits but also for broccoli and salads. There is more to it than you can imagine (a moderate way to keep birds and butterflies away from your crops).

It’s for architecture – while we were preparing the gardens, my wife Julian and I were working on the design of a flat, a statue, often a flat, unimaginable kitchen garden. In West Green, Hamshire, fruit nests are black and multi-sided, like a skeleton jar, a marble pottery designed by Marilyn Abbott. We copied this idea to Houghton Hall in Norfolk, and we took it to the extreme, and the locals called it the “Elephant House” – a large oak orchard for many tall cherry trees and wild berries.

By providing an architectural element in the garden, orchards provide a room, a garden in the garden, and can be useful for filtering out clutter – whether it’s a neighbor’s garden, or our own kitchen garden, our greenhouse. Now, instead of looking at the white plastic from the window of our bedroom, his eyes are fixed on the tent in the new Harod Garden of Pavilion. More fun when you open the curtains. At present, only strawberries are grown in their new home, but this time it should be filled with produce next year – our plentiful paradise.

Why cover?

As we love wildlife, cabbage white butterflies, birds, rabbits, deer and children are all in competition for our soft fruits, salads and parchment. The benefit of building a fruit nest is to cover it all in one go instead of going to different shrubs and crops each year. Open the door and there is a big place to walk right away.

Do not despise the name; These huts are not just for fruit. Fashionable Los Angeles designer Laury Cranz, with fashionistas such as Kathy Perry and Nicole Richie, covers an entire pottery in the Beto Ages, which includes tables and chairs – the real exterior. The book, with Dean Cooper, can be anywhere (Abram, £ 28.99), and includes examples.


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