Why is the new butterfly fields in Spencer’s home a happy marriage between greatness and reconstruction?

What could this garden be now the largest and most modest lawn – from the pure bowling green that requires endless mowing? Most interestingly, it is a combination of grass clippings mixed with cut grass. Harvesting is definitely not out of the question – you can still sunbathe or party in the middle of the island’s archipelago.

A.D. But for decoration we need a new era of desert grass and thanks to people like Nathan, garden styles are changing – for the benefit of butterflies and for all of us.

For hungry caterpillars

Always try to plant something for hungry caterpillars – without them, we
You don’t have butterflies …

Ingredients: Allow red admiral, small turtle, peacock and coma caterpillars, and many moths, generous Uritica Dioka mounds to grow out of the way or away from large metal pools.

Thorns: The Thorn family generously gives nectar to all pollen, especially the painted lady butterflies. While some of us allow thorns to grow freely in the garden, some amygdala, such as milk thistle and silibone, are not pirate.

Female flash; (Cardamine Pratans) Cheshire cauliflower, which grows best in wetlands, and garlic mustard (believed to be controlled by Alyria Petiolata), both of which are preferred by the orange tip.

Sorrel (Rumex acetosa): For small copper butterflies. Cut the seeds to make the plants look good

Bird Vibration (Lotus Cornelius) Essential wildflower grass is essential anyway, this plant is a buffet for the typical blue butterfly caterpillar

To mix garden vegetables with wildflowers

Some strong annual cottage garden favorites seem to thrive in the grass, and they will be cut down along with the local grass during the harvest. Plant them in three well-rounded circles:


The sounds of the Achilles millilopolium “Teracota” are, in fact, closely related to the sounds of summer grass.


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