Why not all garden beds are broken

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When it comes to your garden, you may think that it will help you to make high beds, to make a beautiful place, and to separate the essential grass from your garden., Critics and pests in your backyard. And you are not wrong. But that is not all.

L.It starts with some clarity about what a high bed is. Technically, you can add jA few inches of extra soil added to the groundBackyard garden bed, And voila: He is A He is risen Bed. But when a lot of people talk about getting up in bed, It means higher And Surrounded by walls – aK.A Frame bed or garden box. We use this definition for our own purposes.

Basis Georgia University Extension, The benefits of grown garden beds They include fewer weeds, better drainage, less foot traffic, and warmer soils in the spring. But there are also many disadvantages.

Grown garden beds wMining, high cost

That whole frame It takes a lot of time and money. You don’t just have to buy materials And Build the frame (usually made of wood, stone, brick, cement or metal), you need to put the floor under the bedS. Step by step, check the bottom (if pest control is on your agenda), cover them with a weed-free cloth, and add, so that Lots of soil. Also – do you have a round saw? Because you probably need one.

But return to the dust. According to Home Depot, “a high garden bed measuring 8 feet by 4 feet by 10 inches requires 27 cubic meters of soil. And do you know how much soil there is in a 40-pound bag? Yes F.Orti pound, But Only about .75 cubic feet of soil. 8 feet x 4 feet to fill a 10 inch bed, You will need 36 to 40 pounds of soil. Which is the current wholesale price at Home Depot at $ 2.04 per bag, $ 73 per hour and tax for the soil only – at one Bed. (This does not include soil pH, or any other “soil improvements” such as fertilizer or lime to balance the cost of building materials.)

Poor quality soil

One of the most important benefits of a high bed garden is the ability to fertilize your soil to meet any growing needs. But this view is based on the blog Learn how to garden, “Store-bought soil may not contain natural nutrients and minerals. And it usually contains peas and bananas. ”(We have a post explaining Problems with peat moss over here.)

High garden beds Required Lots of water (and eat cold, fast)

Higher beds allow for better drainage, which means soil It dries Faster, so it needs more water. If you do not take care of them during the summer, the risk of plant drought is high Regular Irrigation Program.

Rising Finds soil Warmer than in the ground in early spring, increased air circulation It cools down faster. Therefore, although it is useful for spring planting, it will be conducive to growth until September, October and beyond.

High garden beds Requires maintenance (and is permanent)

Hopefully they are sure where to put those high beds … because they will stay there for a while. Although it is not possible, moving the boxes and associated soil after installation is not an easy task, current layout changes are off the table.

And like most outdoors Materials, Things It will eventually collapse, including carefully constructed garden beds. When wear and tear begin to appear, you will need to make repairs, replace or replace individual boards The whole bed.

Of course there are exceptions

WI’m not telling you not at all Use Grown garden beds. We they are That is to say They may not check the speaker, and you need to make sure you want it. If bad, compacted soil is filled with clay or stone, or Are you building a garden on a solid floor like cement, or do you want to promote a Different Soil type in the garden, then you have to do it Raising. Otherwise, you may want to save this Time, cost, And it does repairs to keep that seasonal thing you don’t want.


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