Why the redesign of the White House Rose Garden is still making news

Melania Trump may no longer live on the streets of Pennsylvania in 1600, but that did not stop her from defending herself a year after the first lady unveiled the White House Rose Garden.

The outrage was shared by a NBC News presidential historian Michael Bashloz on Twitter. The historian made no secret of his opposition to the “reversal” of Melania Rose’s garden, designed in 1962 by Rachel “Brown” Lambert Melon. To mark the anniversary of the former FLOTUS project, Bashloz took to Twitter to post a photo of the newly renovated Rhode Island garden, a tragic result of “melania’s changes in American history.” . . To perish ”

Melania Trump’s office refused to silently oppose the insult Twitter On Beschloss trying to put it in context in his commentary. “@BeschlossDC He confirmed that he did not know it by showing Rose a picture of his childhood Revealed on Twitter. “Rose is a healthy and colorful pink flower. His misleading information is a disgrace, and he should never be trusted as a professional historian.

To be fair to the former First Lady, experts agree that the White House Rose Garden needs some work before her participation. According to CNN, the White House Conservation Committee and the White House Land Protection Committee signed a 200-page report on the former Rose Garden dress and catalog. Tears over the years.

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In addition to the fact that at the moment of planting, no garden was suddenly completely inoperable, Ome, Van Sweden and its affiliates from Perry Glott Inc. Redesigned with, it seems at least loyal to the name of the place. Although the decomposition that once helped to identify the place did a lot, in fact before the melania restoration there are many roses in the Rose Garden today – two hundred pink shrubs now adorn this green space outside the western wing, although there were no DC-tolerant species at the time of the garden’s opening. .

On the one hand, the rose garden is a living document. Plants come and go from time to time, a source close to the National Park Service told CNN: “This is not the first garden in decades. Even those famous brown melon trees – now gone and weeping – have been replaced many times over the years.


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