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Sarah Young ABJ ’06 and Eric Johnson BSA ’96

Although both locations are in the Atlanta area, a wild paradise brewery puts its roots in Athens. The name implies a Outdated-era REM song, and wild sky is just one of the references to pop culture.

The Athenian Corner comes from co-founder Eric Johnson, a native of Classic City and one of the most brewed breweries in the state.

For years, Johnson was a leader in the Athens restaurant and bar scene. He had many, the most famous of which was the city center. A.D. In 2012, Johnson had to give up his other businesses in order to become a co-owner of Wild Paradise. It was a simple decision that helped him to control his drinking.

“Of all the alcoholic beverages out there, beer is the only recipe,” Johnson said. “It is a vineyard. Confused spirits are all production and production. In beer, we have hundreds of styles and there are no real rules except “don’t call” [lager] If this is not clear. They can be as creative as you want them to be. ”

Johnson holds a bachelor’s degree in horticulture in Yga, and has hosted the PBS show for 18 years. Garden Modern, Which has taken him nationally and internationally. Johnson’s trip had a profound effect on brewing.

“We have some of the plant ingredients that Google uses,” said Sarah Young, executive vice president of Wildlife. She is a member of the Avonadel Estate Loading Unit. “We use the weird pearl or Buddha’s hand, which is the only finger-yeast they use. It’s a way to differentiate our products. ”

Johnson’s gardening background has also created exciting partnerships (such as the Wild Garden Beer Cooperative with the Atlanta Botanical Garden), as well as the atmosphere at the new West End neighborhood in Atlanta. It is the main real estate near the Westide Bellline Trail and shows a self-contained garden.

“Community partnerships, as we do with the Atlanta Botanical Garden, are critical to our productivity growth,” Young said.

For Johnson, like Young, the community means everything.

“We always see breweries as the third largest,” Johnson said. “You have a third place that focuses on work, home and community. A brewery is different from a bar. Suitable for children. You are participating in a cultural experience because this is where the product is made.

The leadership team in the wild includes UGA graduates Josh Franks BS ’13, a major brewer. Garrett Arnold BSA 15, Operations Manager, Eric Johnson BSA ’96, Brewery; And Sarah Young ABJ ’06, Executive Vice President. (Photo by Peter Free / Yug)

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