Winner of this week’s garden photo contest ‘Bees’ retreat’

Winner of this week’s garden photo contest ‘Bees’ retreat’

Stephen Wise ‘Bees’ Retreat’ Photo of the Week “In mid-spring, the only beehives between Clementis and Rose blossoms slowly warm up on the southern brick wall,” wrote a Livonian resident. The Wise Man will receive a home or garden book and qualify for the grand prize in September, a $ 200 gift certificate for the English Paradise. Go to to submit the rules and details.

The Anne Bex and Crop Showroom is opening.

Bakeries and croup will expand to northern Michigan.

Bex & Crop, a leading luxury luxury kitchen design and custom cabinet manufacturing company, has recently added a new Bay Harbor display room in Michigan. The grand opening is June 30th. The new showroom will include a fully functional kitchen display to host community events as well as additional information and displays designed to help homeowners design their dream kitchens, bathrooms, closets, wine rooms and more, the press release said. Visit

Love story blanket

Personalized love story blanket

June is a popular wedding month. If you are looking for an unforgettable and extraordinary gift, you may never know what I want. Founded in Ottawa, Canada, the company believes that love is for everyone and offers all-inclusive and unique products, including the personal love story blanket ($ 125) shown here. Only tell the story of a couple with 256 or fewer characters and in return you will receive a wonderful note that will warm their hearts and homes for many years to come. Also available on Etsy. Visit for more information.

Pool Buy

Pools with personality

Upgrade your backyard with new supplies from Pool Buy. Known as the “Breathing Pool in Design School,” the state-of-the-art, long-range pool is designed in Melbourne, Australia and is fun for kids and adults alike. Made of durable, non-toxic vinyl, the pools are available in a variety of designs, made from heavy vinyl, free from phthalates, DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DNOP and DIDP, BPA and lead free. The pools can accommodate two to three older children or three to four small children, according to the company, and sell for $ 119. Designed by Ra Maxwell, Director of Interior and Furniture Design Brand Barnabi Lane, he wondered why there were no more beautiful and well-designed swimming pools on the market. Visit

Southfield Garden Walk

The Southfield Garden Walk is on June 26.

Fifteen locations in the Southfield Bacon Square neighborhood will open their garden to celebrate the city’s 15th Annual Garden Walk from 2 to 5 pm on June 26. The walk starts at the former Leonard School. The shuttle bus has a continuous cycle in the neighborhood. According to the press release, Southfield Parks and Paradise Club has begun its annual walk to showcase some of Southwest’s beautiful and unique home gardening tips, tips and ideas for homeowners, about annual plants, shrubs and trees and the city’s housing stock. Tickets are $ 10 and may be purchased on the day of the event or at the Southfield Mayor’s Office. Visit for more information

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