Winners at the Clavering Horticultural Society show

A.D. With the cancellation of their annual show in 2020, the Clevering Horticultural Society Committee felt they wanted to organize a free show for the village this year.

And the committee members hoped that there would be food demand for participation.

They are not upset.

Loyal supporters are in more than 270 flower, vegetable and cooking rooms, with a series of people coming for tea and cake.

Elizabeth won the Inid Jones Cup for most points and children’s preparation in the children’s room.

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He won the Thurrocks Trophy for Sarah Blackcabi for a small event and for the kitchen runner-site points. Veronica Gilbert discovered the difference in cooking. Most of the points in the cooking room went to Jenny Miltaj. International cooking judge Rosemary Green is pleased with the high standards.

Nigel Wood took a cup of Sweet Pea, the author’s cup for the intended flower and a bowl of powdered demok.

The Rose Room shared Mrs. Maine’s memorial plate with Angela Bailey and Ann Rivet.

There was a point-and-shoot battle between Robert Abraham and Andy Jones.

Robert Abraham won Mrs. Finzel’s bowl, many points in the flower room and Mrs. Speech trophy for the best vegetable in the show.

Andy Jones won the Grand Prix for most points in the salad room, the Fred and Queen White trophy, the Luff trophy for most points in the garden and the claving trophy for most points on the show.

Gardener and flower judge Robin Carlberg was impressed by the number and number of records.

Chaiman Richard Bailey thanked the sponsors, The Light Chair and Sofa Company, and all those who attended the Papine Barn Tea Room for the success of the show.

Yeo Tree Flower Farm kindly offers a wonderful selection of flowers for auction.

Pictures from the 2021 Clavering Horticultural Society

Richard Bailey, chairman of the Clavering Garden Cultural Association, holds a vase
– Credit – Clavering Horticultural Society

A.D.  In 2021, clapping at Balaaming Horticulture Society Essex won the Balaam Cup.

Elizabeth applauds Balaam Cup at 2021 Clevering Horticultural Society Show
– Credit – Clavering Horticultural Society

Ann Rivet and Angela Bailey with Mrs. Maine Memorial Bowl for Rose Room, Clovering Horticultural Society

Anne Rivet and Angela Bailey with Mrs. Maine Memorial Bowl, Clevering Horticultural Society
– Credit – Clavering Horticultural Society

A table with flowers, vegetables at the Clavering Horticultural Society Show, Essex

Some entries in the Clavering Horticultural Society show 2021
– Credit – Clavering Horticultural Society

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