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This is not a family name, but the US-based Sports Field Management Association (SFMA), headquartered in the United States, is well-known among sports industry professionals around the world.

TRU alum Mike Decicco knows the company well — the company knows him and his work.

As a grassroots leader for the City of Campus Parks, Disco has been instrumental in bringing home three of the SFMA’s Best Field Awards of the Year — two for Norbrok Stadium in 2018 and 2021, and one for the 2021 Competition Capital Ranch.

In addition to making Columbus the Canadian capital of the competition, the awards have made history by being one of the best places in Canada for the year.

Disico recalls the initial response from SFMA members.

Like, “Who is this group in Camps?” Questions such as “Where is this city?” The flood came and BC put it on the map for field administration.

“It was a big deal for Camps. It was a big deal for Canada,” said Desco.

Peer recognition

He argues that gaining recognition from industry partners, especially in light of the organization’s broad membership, is a reason for the holiday alone.

“Through SFMA I have met field managers who are affiliated with professional sports teams such as the Phoenix Cardinals and Real Madrid.”

Being one of the industry leaders and making your work stand out not once but three times is something DCO is always proud of.

I used to play football – the field administration made me participate in the game.

After graduating from TRU Horticulture Program in 2000, DC received a Diploma in Grass Management from Kantlen Polytechnic and returned to Camps.

In 2003 he took over with the City of Camps. Starting with fruits and vegetables, Disico moved from gardening to team leadership and in 2009 to the lawn.

Since then, he has had a happy and fulfilling career, working abroad and contributing to his favorite industry.

“Being a professional footballer was not on the card,” says Desco, adding that his passion for the sport has fueled his interest in the industry.

Credit goes to city employees

Today, there are about 100 sports fields in Camps, and Desco’s role is to oversee each and every one of them.

Although most football and baseball seasons take place over a period of nine to 10 months, planning and management, from birth to sowing, are a year-round affair.

“Camlops is the capital of Canadian competition — this is a huge monitor. We host a lot of events and we want to make sure our farms are the best, ”said Desco, noting that the SFMA Awards showcase the work of the staff. “They are all workers. They are the ones who are working hard. ”

From management to harvesting, putting everything together is the best part of the job. One of the greatest accomplishments for DC is to watch players run on the field.

“Years ago, I asked my staff to make the field look like Yankee Stadium,” he said.

With the three best awards of the year under his belt, it is clear that DC words echo with his staff.

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