Winter-ready kitchen garden

Amarjeet Batth

In every home there is a place to grow organic, pest-free vegetables. To begin with, consider the area where you get the most sunlight. Rate and make sure there is good drainage. Source seeds from a government agricultural institution or a reputable company.

Soil preparation

Well-drained soil, rich in organic matter, produces excellent results. If necessary, replace it with up to 18 inches deep. Digging should be exposed to the sun for at least 2-3 days. Add 4-5 baskets of compost or pesticide to 25 square meters. Mix well. Plant seedlings in the evening.


The seeds are sown in early September. One month later, the seedlings are planted at a distance of 45×45 cm in rich organic soil with good drainage. After a month, add urea to the soil. The head takes more than 60 days to prepare. After the central head is removed, lateral shoots emerge, leading to smaller heads.

Cabbage flower

The main crop is sown at 60 cm mounds until mid-September, the late varieties are sown from October to mid-November and kept at a distance of 45 cm. Once the crop is established, water it once a week. Delayed varieties are ready in 60 days, the main crop takes 90 days.


The nursery is sown until mid-September. Seedlings are ready to be planted in 45 days. These are available in 45×60 cm. Regular watering until the plant is established. Then do it once a week. Beware of pests. Harvest takes place about 90 days later.


Sowing continues until the end of October. At a height of 7.5 cm, it grows well in sandy loamy soil (with added potash). Make it thin after 30 days. Remove weeds. Go to deep irrigation. The crop is ready in 90 days.


Lettuce seeds are sown in late September and planted in high beds a month later, waiting for a 20 cm gap. Clean farming and thinning practice are important for quality production. The leaves are available after 60 days.

Spinach and fjugrik

Spinach can be sown directly on raised or flat beds in a row for easy maintenance until the end of November. The leaves take 45 days to prepare. Many pieces are useful. The sowing of phenytoin begins in September after the temperature drops. The repair is like spinach.


It prefers well-drained soil. From late September to early October, he sows the seed capsule continuously. The crop grows slowly. Weeds should be uprooted regularly. Take care of moisture but do not drink too much water.


Early varieties of maize (sorghum) begin sowing in high valleys up to 10 inches[10 cm]in September. The seeds germinate in the leaves. These should be thin after 15 days of germination. The crop is ready in 60 days.


Radish (Molly) is sown at a height of 30-45 cm on steep slopes or at the ends of an existing int plot. The seeds should be thin, keeping only the healthy ones. Harvest as roots grow.

Garden Beetle

Chukandar beetle sown in September-October will be ready until December. It is planted at a distance of 15 cm between plants and at a distance of 30-45 cm.


The seedlings will be sown from mid-October to mid-November and the seedlings will be planted from mid-December to mid-January. Plant them in a row 15 cm apart and at a distance of 7-8 cm. Irrigate immediately within 7-10 days, depending on soil type and weather. Hoe regularly to remove weeds and improve ventilation.


Blurring of the eyelids occurs from the last week of September to the first week of October. Plant 15 cm in a row. Plant distance from 7-8 cm. Immediate watering. Do it 7-10 days later. Hoe regularly to remove weeds and improve air pollution.

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