Wipe your greenhouse lighting knowledge with these courses

Greenhouse producers interested in honing their product knowledge can now enroll in four summer classes at the Michigan State University Extension Online Knowledge Greenhouse Series.

The courses offered are biotech crops. Greenhouse and garden lighting; Biological control for greenhouse producers; And floriculture root zone administration. The series is a great resource for greenhouse producers who are new to the industry or for those who want to know more about greenhouse production or pest management.

These non-credit summer courses are pre-registered in the series, and enrollees have three months to complete the courses. Students in the class take a pre-test and a final test to measure their academic performance.

Course enrollment is now open. Watch here –

  • Greenhouse Crops Course Abiotic Disorders Greenhouse and Ornamental Plant Growers are interested in finding out what contributes to or contributes to the occurrence of greenhouse crops. Abortion is caused by inanimate objects, such as cultural or environmental factors. The course will guide you through the process to find out what can be the cause of high growth symptoms (both on leaves, stems, or flower buds) or on plant roots.
  • The biological control of greenhouse producers is intended for those who are interested in learning the challenges and opportunities associated with greenhouse growers and the biological control pest management program. The content covers the most advanced concepts, such as the use of banking plants.
  • Flower Root Zone Administration is for beginner flower growers. It covers basic concepts about irrigation water, media, and its effects on plant nutrition. The course covers water sources, water quality, water management, irrigation systems, and subdivisions. The final section of the lesson will cover the essential nutrients for plant nutrition, how to choose fertilizers, and how to monitor the nutrition of greenhouse crops.
  • The Greenhouse and Garden Lighting Course is for those interested in learning about the concept, quantity and duration of light for greenhouse and ornamental plant manufacturers and others. Provides moderately challenging content based on MSU experiments. The units in the course should be taken into account when replacing or installing photoperiodon, photoperode lamps, light quality, quantity and duration and new lamps.


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