With minimal maintenance, the sweet Caroline Medusa Green has an award-winning architecture

Sweet Caroline Medusa Green is common in sweet potatoes but is only about 30 inches wide. It does the same with an incredible mixed basket.

When I visited the 2021 Garden of Young Plantation in Auburn, Ala, it was there – a magnificent basket with a delicious Caroline Medusa Green combined with the Rocapalco Coral Reef. If he can make a busy place like a Yang plantation, we can too. Better yet, maybe Young Plant grows a gas station to sell to your local kindergarten and you can buy it and act like you did..

So now you’ve got it, Sweet Caroline Medusa Green is the best sweet potato and has already won dozens of awards. But also remember Ilius Emerald Less and Ilius Midnight Lase. They have the same strict behavior by avoiding constant maintenance. Both have won more than 100 awards.

Like all ornamental potatoes, sweet caroline Medusa Green loves fertile, well-drained soil, and this is especially true in landscapes. This usually means adding 3 to 4 inches of organic matter to a heavy clay soil. The clay pot is like a dream come true.

At the same depth you are growing in the container, your sweet Caroline Medusa green seedlings will be 12 to 12 inches apart, spreading 30 to 36 inches and keeping 10-12 inches wide. These are really easy to grow and are in a strong category like nails. On that plan to provide water during those hot dry seasons. Sweet potatoes will grow faster if you need to prune them in mixed baskets and containers to manage your appearance or if the space is as old as the ground cover.


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