With so much dust on the outskirts of the suburbs, this dreamer thought of a plantation garden and a small golf course.

Fifty years ago, a Dutch immigrant to WA saw a sandy area 35 km from Perth and decided to build a small golf course surrounded by flower gardens.

After a landslide gardener and golfer decided that Teo, a returnee in the Netherlands, was the perfect place to create a tourist attraction, Theo and Haneke ikke bought five acres[5 ha]of sand on the shores of Lake Joandulp.

The creator of the vanilla plant gardens Theodore(

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Today, Wanero Botanical Gardens celebrates 40 years of work, unique vision and a fruit of determination.

Mr. Ik Yik He started work on the project in 1974 and spent seven years creating gardens, often away from his day job and working part-time alone.

Paul Woodcock, director of vanilla plantations
Paul Woodcock, director of vanilla plantations(

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His father-in-law, Paul Woodcock, described him as “a big leap of faith.”

“They had no money,” he said. In fact, he borrowed money from his sister to raise money.

During the construction, the oil embargo occurred and the cost of materials – plastic pipes and all that – passed through the roof and killed them.

So he had to do everything himself.

After entering new roads, he would walk with them, sweep the blue metal on the side of the road, put it in his truck, bring it, put it in a combi van, bring it here and use it from there. To make concrete.

A.D.  In 1976, work was done on the Wanero Parks - most of the landscaping was done without machinery.
In the garden of 1976. Most landscaping was done without machinery.(

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Mr. Ikke built a small golf course with his father in the Netherlands and was sure that the people he built would come.

Mr. Woodcock said: “I don’t think Perth is really green or green. He had a vision and he wanted to do it. ”

The Vanero Parks, which completed the mini-golf courses, opened for business on August 14, 1981, but it was not a quick success.

“I think it probably took two years before they got their money back,” said Mr. Woodcock.

But they really didn’t have any staff, they worked with the family. The three girls worked at this kiosk every weekend.

Playing a small golf course in the gardens of Vanuatu
Playing mini golf in the gardens of Vanuatu.(

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It was a family affair until they repaid what they had borrowed.

Gradually, however, over the years, it has become more and more popular.

Tio suffered a heart attack and was preceded in death by his daughter, Nicole Woodcock, and her husband, Paul. In early 1995, Puchch served in the business for 14 years until his arrival.

In the gardens of the vanilla plant
In the gardens of the vanilla plant(

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“He had a heart transplant and went to Melbourne for 12 months to have an artificial heart at Alfred Hospital before undergoing a heart transplant,” said Mr Woodcock.

“By default, we had to run the business. We really did not have much choice. No one else does. Nicole has worked part-time here anyway.

“After a year and a half, I really enjoyed it. I loved him so much that he took us to him and turned to us.

They tried to sell it, but no one was willing to pay. So I finally said, ‘Look, I’m glad to receive it.’

Part of the Billiard Golf Course in Vanuatu Plantation Parks
Part of the Billiard Golf Course in Vanuatu Plantation Parks(

ABC Radio Perth – Emma Winn


Initially, ikkiks continued to live in their homes on the shores of the lake.

“After a while, living in the house became very difficult for us and we changed the business a lot. And we were more than here. ”

I had to cut down many damaged trees. Because they were everywhere, he planted three trees to get one because they had a three-month growing season in Holland.

We have a nine-month growth period in Perth and everything has grown so fast and fast, I had to correct it very early.

Limestone was used to create water lines and ponds in the gardens of Wanaro
Limestone was used to create water lines and ponds in the gardens of Wanaro(

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The Michel Freeway, which in recent years has been extended to Wanero, is now surrounded by new roads, homes and care facilities.

While many people occasionally come to play with Christmas lights or take pictures, there are also golf handlers on Saturdays.

Woodcocks also has no plans to expand the business, build a new restaurant, or move on.

“I hope the children will have the same interest in me in the future and will continue to do so,” said Mr. Woodcock.

“They all grew up here.

We have no plans to continue. It’s a good business, it’s a good lifestyle.

“If I sell it, I hate it.


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