With the help of a dedicated parent, a butterfly garden grows in Huntington Beach

Daya Oyarzabal, a resident of Huntington Beach, is about saving energy, but it’s not so clear by looking at action.

Oyarzabal loses a lot of power over her beliefs. She is passionate about ecology and started a green team at the Kitchenic Academy at Huntington Beach, a public charter school attended by her second-year daughter Salvador.

During the summer, Oyazazabal raised more than $ 1,000 to start the green team and build a high-quality butterfly garden at her son’s school. She also plans to plant a compost bin and store recyclable containers in the yard.

“Here we are doing project-based education at this school,” she said. “When he was in kindergarten, the butterflies and their style, that’s what they studied. I thought it would be perfect for them to do some research here.

Oyarzabal raised the money by participating in the OhmConnect Referral Program, where customers save money and save money. They reduce the amount of energy during an earlier energy saving period called “Ohors,” thanks to participant Watts.

Oyarzbal is saving Watts and earning a reference on her link, ohm.co/dayavitrano. She said several employees at Huntington Port Joe have signed up for the program.

On the left, along with the waves of goodness, Claire Anderson hints at the site where Dia Oyazazabal and her son Salvador use a butterfly garden at Huntington Beach.

(Kevin Chang / Staff Photographer)

She was inspired by the work of Lily, who is coming to Huntington Beach High School this year as president of Oilers’s own green team.

Of course, it works in the family.

Although her husband, Salvador, was more likely to order pizza and take their child to the park, she said, “We play card games like Uno or use flashlights and candles during Omhor.” “My son thinks he has a lot of fun. He likes to use the flashlight, light candles when we’re done, he likes to. ”

The money raised to start the butterfly garden is significant, and Oyazazabal said she contacted the Orange County chief gardener for advice.

Last week, she met Claire Anderson, the leader of the school’s community service program, Waves Deges, at the Kinetic Academy.

Anderson said every student is expected to provide at least 10 hours of community service during the school year.

“The great thing about Dia is that the green team started by helping the kids build and plant a butterfly garden so they can get hours of community service.” “You can do some of the other green team things we do, such as recycling, beach cleaning and so on.

“Honestly, it’s all about her. I came here to open the door. She did a lot of research and work, and it was really nice to see her love together.

Dia Oyarzabal and Leon Salvador take measurements as they plan to build a school garden.

Dia Oyarzabal and Leon Salvador will take measurements as they work on plans to build a high-performance butterfly garden at the Kitchenic Academy in Hanangton Beach on Wednesday.

(Kevin Chang / Staff Photographer)

According to Brean Leoneti, executive director of the Kinetic Academy, The school, which opened in 2016, already had a green team, but that changed when the cholera epidemic broke out. The teacher who was leading the program also left.

“Like all extracurricular activities, we have completely disappeared with Kovid,” says Leonette. “When [Oyarzabal] With this in mind, we would like to include our parents in ways they enjoy and want to help. If this one takes something out of the Master’s plate and wants to take a parent, then that’s fine. ”

In addition to the butterfly garden, the composting pool, and the recyclables, Orzabalbal plans to have a green cleaning team once a month.

She said the butterfly garden should be fully flowered next spring.

“I feel good about helping others learn about the use of force, it’s like spreading that awareness,” she said. I am grateful for the opportunity to raise money and help the environment at the same time ለን We hold children in our hands from the very beginning, and I know that they are really proud of it. . ”

The new school year begins September 7 at the School of Kinetics. There will be a “Meet the Teacher” evening next week, which should help Oyarzabal make a statement about the new green team.

“I want to see what the kids want to do,” she said. I’m sure they will have a lot of good ideas.

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