Worcester’s new wedding venue with an interesting history

A new wedding venue has opened in Worcester – with a “noisy” theme for brides and grooms.

Oakfield gardens allow couples to get married in a former gardening school at River School on Droughtwich Road.

After World War II, the school was known as Oakfield Teacher Training College for 35 years.

Gob itors come from all over the world and are believed to have been founded by at least eight other horticultural colleges under his inspiration.

Pete Graham, business manager, is tasked with raising the new entrepreneurs’ pay for the school.

And seven hives on the spot, but out of public view, couples are more likely to find small pots of honey than hives.

The couple may be able to get into the spirit of the subject and may be able to donate beekeeping clothing for their wedding photos.

The epidemic forced Mr. Graham to spend his life storing shelves in Co-op in King Norton’s sights in places like California.

His sister, who has children at the school, mentioned the learning gap.

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“I have taught before and I am not really happy but I thought, applied and interviewed.

I returned to the school and met the principal. I said the reasons were amazing and suggested a wedding.

Although he did not get a teaching job, he was eager to hear more about the school’s ideas for the site.

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My past experience of working in events in the UK and my desire to do something great saw that I was on board.

Mr. Graham is responsible for using the site for extracurricular activities to maximize his potential.

He is now excited to receive a couple at this Saturday’s wedding.

He said the Oakfield gardens are perfect for couples looking for a Boho outdoor wedding venue.

There are two luxury peaks and nine acres[9 ha]of beautiful Worcester gardens.

“It is beautiful here and because it is a former garden site, there are many unusual trees and flowers that make great for the wedding.

Kovid forced many weddings and reservations.

As a new location, Mr. Graham said he hopes they can help couples who are struggling to find a place for the days they need.

Our main problem is exposure like a new wedding venue but I am happy and hopeful.

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