Work is underway to develop Pitoragar as an Apple Belt – UNN

There is a huge potential for apple production in the Pitoragar border region. In this regard, the Department of Gardening has now intensified its efforts to develop high-altitude areas such as the Apple Belt. Apple’s Uttar Pradesh manufacturers are also working to develop the Apple Belt.

Uttar Pradesh is the largest apple producer in Uttar Pradesh. Not only did thousands of people get jobs as a result of producing high-quality apples, but they also gave Ottartashi identity. Along the Utarshish lines, the practice of developing Pitragrar as an Apple belt is now intensifying. Uttar Pradesh manufacturers are offering state-of-the-art Apple product to Pitoragar farmers.

Selected artisans will be sent to Uttar Pradesh

According to the Uttar Pradesh apple growers, the Pythagorean climate is conducive to apple production. Not only this, with the advent of icebergs you can easily grow apple trees. In some areas of Pittsburgh, farmers have been successful in growing apples. But now, for the first time, there is some activity at the government level. The Department of Horticulture also plans to export selected Apple manufacturers to Uttar Pradesh. According to RS Verma, the Pithoragar district gardening officer, there has been a lot of neglect in the field of apple production in the woreda. The current effort, however, is promising.

The scattering in the mountains is also a big problem

The dispersed property is the biggest obstacle in the mountains on the big Apple road. In such a situation, government machinery must first find a solution to this problem. If this is possible, it is certain that not only will Pitoragar produce good quality apples, but people will also be able to find work at home.

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