Workers’ fuel requires a double-digit property tax increase; LBSA fundraising needs to grow

Natives of the North Plains are set to see a double-digit increase in the city next year. The increase in salary and Increased benefits for city employees and several new full-time jobs in the 2022 budget.

Last year, the city released a payroll and benefits survey comparing the city’s payroll to that of other similar cities in Minnesota. The survey found that Northfield was lagging behind most other cities. City Administrator Ben Martig said the decision to increase wages and benefits was part of a broader effort to stay competitive in the labor market. Martig also said that the increase would bring Northzfield around the average wage for comparable cities.

The city plans to create five new full-time jobs and two full-time jobs in the new budget. The Department of Public Works wants to increase the number of full-time horticultural professionals. For many years the city has been a beneficiary of the Northfield Garden Club, especially the driving force Judy Code, but this does not seem to be the case, and the city needs someone to plant and protect the plants, flowers and landscape beds in the city center. In city parks. The workload will be limited to two full-time city engineers, so a new civil engineer is needed in the engineering department. A similar issue exists in the Department of Community Development, where urban planning work has grown exponentially without the addition of new staff. At the same time, the city is fulfilling many of the responsibilities previously held by the director general of the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation. That space has been vacated and a new wall is needed. In addition, according to a recent study by the Northfield Police Department, a new security officer is needed.

Two overtime jobs, the manager of the Northfield Public Broadcasting Station, and the city interpreter both needed extra hours. The two men in those positions, Sam Temple of NPB and city interpreter Claudia Garcia, are both very effective city workers, and are keen to maximize what they can do for Northfield by working full-time.

In September, the City Council imposed a pre-tax rate of 15%, and since then the figure has been adjusted to 11.6% of federal funding. There will be a public debate on budget and taxation for next Tuesday, December 7th.WeIn the chambers of the council at 6 p.m. After the hearing, the council will hold a final budget debate and discussion. They then vote to determine next year’s budget.

Watching Laura Baker’s program expansion campaign.

The Laura Baker Service Association will host its 26th annual gala on Saturday night. The fundraiser will be held this year after it was designed as a virtual event in 2020 due to the Covide-19 epidemic. Gala is Laura Baker’s largest annual fundraiser, and this year those funds are more important than ever.

LBSA director of public relations Andrei Sivanich said that over the next two years there will be more pressure on fundraising for a number of reasons. The epidemic has made things difficult for everyone, but long-term care facilities and organizations such as Laura Baker have had a particularly difficult time. Sivanich LBSA is entering a period of program expansion to strengthen its future.

“We are launching a program to expand the program, so we are raising more money to expand the programs. Unfortunately, many companies like Laura Baker have not survived the epidemic and have closed their doors this year. .

Sivanich is getting more and more requests when other facilities are closed, but unfortunately, they are at their full potential due to staff problems. Extra funds will help the LBSA fill some of the gaps, and help expand capacity.

Sivanich said he was happy to be back in Carlton with guests, but said last year that the event was a success and that Kovid’s concerns persisted, so the organization decided to distribute the event so that people could attend. Leave home if you wish.

Live dinner at Carlton College is on sale, but tickets are free and available. Virtual audiences will see the speakers and learn all about Laura Baker’s services. You can also participate in quiet and direct bids from the comfort of the living room sofa and the fundraising event Laura Baker Gala.

Participants in the live event will be reminded of the need for a full CV-19 vaccine for all participants. Carlton College immunization requires masking at home, regardless of the circumstances. Masks can be removed while eating and drinking, but should be repeated when others are not eating or drinking. A mask will be applied to anyone who does not have it.

The live broadcast will begin on Saturday night at 7 ፡ 45. For more information on the LBSA service and to register to attend the event, visit

You can listen to Jeff Johnson’s full interview with Andre Sivanich, Community Relations Director of Laura Baker Service Association here.

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