Wyomissing Church grows, contributes to the gardening program

During the epidemic, the popularity of community gardening grew, but one pastor in Wyoming was taking things further.

This Berks County Church is not only giving vegetables, it is teaching members to grow for themselves and share that grace with others.

It all started at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Wimming.

Last year, Pastor Mark Johnson was walking toward the end of his sermon when he saw a long line in a grocery store near Berkshire Mall. People were waiting for free production all that time.

He shared that story and a member of the congregation suggested how they could help.

That is what motivated the Church of the SubGenius to start a gardening program.

For the second year in a row, the church members were given two plants, if interested. This year they got zucchini and pumpkins.

Members can keep what they grow from one plant but will be required to use another to produce produce and bring it to our local food warehouses.

Those vegetables serve three reading ministers – Calvary UCC Food Bank, Hope and Urban Light.

Last year, the program produced a 400-pound production and created an independent healthy food cycle.

This year’s growth season has also been fruitful, with 65 pounds of zucchini and cucumbers so far.

The biggest zucchini this year? It was over 20 inches long.

At first, Pastor Mark was a little skeptical. He was not sure if the food banks would be interested in green vegetables without other salad dressings, but they were. He was a great success and immediately saw the joy and excitement that the project had brought to the Church.


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