Yavapai College Trained Shopping Center opens for job seekers of “hero” merchants AZ

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Three days before the state-of-the-art laboratories were filled with “heroic”, subsistence students, Yavapai College and community partners celebrated the completion and grand opening of the Verde Valley mall.

On August 13, celebrations were held at the YC Verde Valley Campus in Clarkdale, with college and civic leaders, 10,000 square meters of visits, and luncheons. The setting was a ribbon-cut ribbon reserved for generations.

For one, event speakers praised the arrival of trained business centers that offer free courses in housing, electricity, HVC and plumbing. Clarkdale Mayor Robin Prud’homme-Bauer said in her speech that our community needs those graduates and that their skills and families are well-paid jobs. “It’s fast training. It is a local job. It is a lucrative salary. That’s exactly what we want. ”

Cottonwood Mayor Tim Elinsky told the celebrities that he enjoys working with his hands and that he has followed generations of pedestrians to pursue a career in business. He said that he considered people in his profession to be “heroes” who often make important decisions in the lives of their clients. “People who are enrolled in these classes have the potential to be truly heroes,” he said.

In her remarks, YC President Dr. Lisa Rain said she is honored to have officially opened the Verde Valley Vocational Center alongside the many communities that have helped her to do so. It was sent in August 2019 and thanked the elected officials, business leaders and community members for their hard work and love for the project task force. Our goal was simple: Provide a learning environment where local students can learn important business that will help them find sustainable employment that will have a lasting impact on the Verde Valley communities.

Rhine thanked the College District Board of Trustees for the project’s green lighting, college facilities and information technology staff for their “hard and accelerated work” and for SPS + Architects and McCarty Construction’s “great partnership with the college.”

YC District Board of Trustees Chairman Deb Makasland is pleased with the outcome of the Verde Valley Joint Vision and looks forward to seeing its benefits. She thanked Dr. Ryan for her unwavering leadership and for creating accessible, affordable and useful learning opportunities for our residents.

The closing remarks were made by Dr. Tina Red, Dean of the Verde Valley Campus and the Sedona Center, who honored YC’s efforts to develop programs that the community wanted and needed.

Within 18 short months of building L, I was privileged to participate in the construction of a new greenhouse, the upgrading of a science laboratory to the Department of Brewing Technology, and the completion of a training center. They said. “For Verde Valley students, this means training opportunities in robotics, 3D printing, CNC manufacturing, horticulture, nursing, construction, HVC — all in modern facilities. What a privilege it is to be with college and community leaders who know how to do things. I can’t wait to see what happens next. ”

The YC Verde Valley Campus is the Southwest Wine Center, the most prestigious and award-winning teaching winery. The YC Sedona Center has the Sedona Food Institute and its modern kitchens as well as classrooms, the Osher Lifelong Institution and a student-café.

Information about Yavapai College Vocational Training and Academic Programs is available at the College’s website at www.yc.edu, in Verde Valley and at five other campuses and centers in Yavapai County.

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