You need to put sponges in the houseplants

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Certain plants, such as Azaleas and rhododendrons, But as moisture Don’t like Long standing water. There is a gentle balance between watering and watering plants adequately Potential roots Illness. But you can Prevent root rot and keep your plants moist for longer – you only need them A few sponges.

What is root rot?

Root rot is a disease that affects the roots of plants when they drink too much water Or too much water can’t flow out of the pot. as such Elite Tree Care Explains, “S.OGG conditions prevent the roots from getting all the oxygen they need to survive. When oxygen-hungry roots die and rot, their decay can spread to healthy roots.

Once the plants do not get oxygen through their roots, they will begin to see damaged leaves, weakened growth, and early leaves. and IIn some cases, crushed roots can reproduce the fungus that attacks the roots.

How to prevent root rot

The best way to prevent root rot is to do it Buy right Pot. Plants that love the value of moisture Best In Plastic or shiny ceramic pots To conserve water, But they Drainage holes are needed to release the excess. WOnly When necessary and strictly Recommended size for your specific plant.

TWaiting for moisture a Finger one to Two centimeters in soil– MeF

why Sponges can help

One way to balance the water level in indoor plants is by Saving Sponges underneath Pot. Collect a few sponges before planting. cut off Them Half (or a little, as needed)) And place Below them. CWith soil, And plant and Water as usual.

A sponge sprays excess water into the soil, and Holes allow, protect Drowning and lack of oxygen. Sponges also release water gradually, Maintaining Moisture Levels. As a result, you do not need to water often, and your plants should enjoy normal healthy growth.


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