Your turn – Three Village Garden Club invites you to the “Let’s Meet in September” flower show

By Martina Matkovich

When the members have the opportunity to showcase their creativity in floral design and gardening, the Three Village Garden Club welcomes them. Many hours of careful preparation and planning will culminate in a small formal flower show at a neighboring house, 95 Main Street, Seth. There is no charge for the public, doors are open from 2 to 6 p.m.

The following quote from Sandra H. Robinson, former president of the National Garden Club, describes the purpose of the flower show:

Design from the TVGC June 2017 Flower Show Award. Photo by Karin Steil

“One of the basic needs of humankind is to create. Creative flower arrangements are an art form in which the artist’s vision is expressed through the use of plant materials. Using design elements and principles, the artist strives to achieve the following characteristics: beauty, harmony, diversity and expression. Flower fairs offer a unique opportunity for florists, gardeners, gardeners, judges and the general public to be a part of the creative process.

Under the heading “See You in September,” the show promises to be a spectacular experience. It’s an opportunity to do it Learn about the club’s contribution to the community by focusing on the importance of indigenous plants and gardening techniques that help protect the environment. Guests are encouraged to take a short walk to Frank Melville A memorial park where you can reach the Arboretum The Garden Club has been preserved in 1985 and for the past 36 years. A map of the airport is available.

When guests arrive, they will receive a printed guide to travel through the three courtrooms. Part 1, Gardening, Cut samples from the garden, fruits and vegetables, fruit or flower trees and shrubs, and container plants. Come see what a blue ribbon pumpkin looks like!

Design from the TVGC June 2017 Flower Show Award. Photo by Karin Steil

The four-part ll highlights the creativity of the members in floral design. Part 2 of this section, actually called “Reflections and Inspirations”, challenges members who choose to enter. Creating a floral design that interprets the subject matter of the picture. The actual pictures are displayed next to the corresponding design, inviting the viewer to view them. Artists who have lent their work to this section include Patty Yantz, “The Sentinel”; Renee Cain, “Hurricane is approaching”; Eleanor Meyer, “Winter Pear and Kimono”; And Robert Rohrig, “Ship Reflections.”

Last but not least, guests in class lll enjoy an exhibition that contributes a lot to the club, emphasizing education and our environment. This section also includes invitations to community requests from florists and businesses.

Members who decide to participate will judge the entrants, receive points and award ribbons according to the club’s national garden system. The trial will take place before it is open to the public and ribbons will be displayed.

Please come and enjoy the beauty of the show, see what your neighbors and friends are doing in the garden club, and maybe get inspired to join us. Our membership is open to all. Please call 631 751-2743 for more information.

Author Martina Matkovich is a member of the Three Village Garden Club.

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