yuki kawae explores meditation patterns in the Zen Garden series

Zen gardening is both a reminder and a way out

Breathe, breathe. Repeat. Zen philosophy urges followers to stay mentally and purposefully, relax, and go on their dates. Unfortunately, in our day it is impossible to find the time and ability to break free from the burden of technology, crowded programs, and emotions. That’s why Gulf artist and designer Yuki Kawa invites people to relax by creating their own zen garden complete not only with videos but also with box, stone, sand and rack.

I was very busy with my daily activities and what are the next steps in life… Kawai told him seriously. One day as I was gardening, pruning, watering, and re-grounding, I realized that all those ideas were gone. That process allowed me to be clear in some way, and it was very calm and refreshing.

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Caring for a living owner Yuki Kawa Zen to build a garden

Yuki Kawa took care of a small leafy plant before starting the Zen garden project. As he watered and grew daily, the growing relationship produced a great deal of self-awareness — a simple task of caring for houseplants with the help of stress. This prompted him to build his own dining room-sized Zen garden, tools, and rocks and other items to complete it.

Kawai took to Instagram, where he posted the videos, which in turn became very popular. I was only doing it for my own pure mind, but I realized that people liked to see it, and it motivated me to do more. The artist told the white wall. ‘It blew my mind to read positive comments – how it helps insomnia and headaches. At least I can do this to help as a person in the field of creativity, and I’m really happy to be able to help by always knowing how stressful it is.

yuki kawae explores meditation patterns in the Zen Garden series
yuki kawae says Zen gardening practice is a way out of both meditation and creativity

yuki kawae says zen gardening practice is both a way of meditation and creativity. It talks about the design and the amount of focus needed to create a strong, consistent character. You may have some idea of ​​the final product, but by trial and error you will get a completely different final design. ” Not all Zen garden styles are permanent, and will be deleted to start a new one. Like many things in life, it is temporary. He taught me what not to worry about, since my concerns could be temporary.yuki kawae explores meditation patterns in the Zen Garden seriesyuki kawae explores meditation patterns in the Zen Garden series

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