Yukon expands cannabis education course offerings

The University of Connecticut is expanding its cannabis education offerings, making online cannabis gardening summer open to the public and to UConn students.

Yukon Teachers University-based cannabis gardening course online from June 1 to July 2 and advanced cannabis gardening department. None of them want to complete pre-school courses.

Two years ago, the University of Connecticut began offering introductory courses taught by Professor Gerald “Jerry” Berkovit and other professors to students enrolled in Yukon. Advanced course is new, and represents an important step towards a possible degree program for cannabis.

“Our students see potential and want to gain experience. Businesses need highly trained scientists to support the growth of this industry, and they need talented graduates to enter their workforce, ”he said.

Berkovis and Matthew Debako – residents of Yukon College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources – teach summer cannabis classes. Each course is worth three credits at UConn. UConn’s three-credit degree courses cost about $ 2,200.

Yukon is expanding its cannabis course offerings as the Connecticut General Assembly is currently debating legislation legalizing marijuana use.

In a press statement last month, State Council Speaker Matt Ritter (De-Hartford) expressed hope that the bill would be passed, with Majority Leader Jason Rojas Fence saying the passage is not too close, but not too far.

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