Zanzibar is to build a domino-shaped tower on an artificial island

Domino Design Concept from xCassia

When it comes to modern architecture, one thinks of New York, Dubai, London, and Shanghai. If all goes according to plan, they will soon add Zanzibar to the list. The small island off the coast of Tanzania is set to play a domino-shaped tower for tourism, recreation and culture, the developers said in a press release.

Zanzibar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the old part of the city, the site is of historical significance and is influenced by various local cultures. With plans to build a 4 million square foot (370,000 square meter) tourist destination that attracts people from all over the world, the island aims to make its name in modern history.

The design concept was developed by New York and Dubai-based design architect xCassia, which has designed and designed many of the world’s most prestigious hotels. Plans to translate it into reality have been made twice in the last ten years, but have failed for many reasons. The third time may be attractive and the idea is to find a permanent home on a 20-acre[15 ha]site to be built 15 miles[15 km]from the town of Stone.

The project includes three major stations, Destination Plaza, Zanzibar Domino and the Island Resort. The main entrance will be on the Plaza, which offers entrances and office spaces.

The central attraction is Zanzibar Domino, located just one mile (1.5 km) on an artificial island and has a radius of 273 yards (250m). The island has a reservoir, an exhibition center, a cultural tent and a conference hall, and the island has a marina to accommodate ships and additional shopping and dining areas such as Domino. In addition to the cinema, the boat club, the VIP helicopter, and the swimming pool, the spiral Electrodom, with its massive media screens, will be the gateway to entertainment.

In the middle of the twist is the Domino Tower, which offers 560 high-rise apartments and a 360-degree hotel overlooking the Stone City and the coast of Zanzibar. At the top of the tower is a viewing platform that can be accessed through an elevator that offers panoramic views to visitors. Materials and paintings from garden walls and water features used for construction help to integrate the structure into the home.

The island resort has 104 water villas connected to a lighthouse that serves as a transportation hub and provides amenities to residents. A three-room golf course, four helicopters, a clubhouse and a wedding venue take up the rest of the islands.

Designed as one of Africa’s first true international destinations for tourism, recreation, culture and conference, Zanzibar Domino offers a comprehensive program designed to create unique experiences, professional opportunities and investment opportunities throughout the year for residents, businesses and businesses. Yusuf S. Amoru, executive chairman of AICL Group, one of the developers of the project, said.

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