Zimbabwe – Pitts for Growing Fruit and Vegetable Plans

As part of the President’s Rural Garden Development Program, part of the comprehensive Horticultural Rehabilitation and Development Plan, additional boreholes will provide communities with access to clean water for schools and families.

The President’s Rural Garden Development Program and the Vegetation and Growth Planning Plan seek to elevate marginalized communities under the National Development Strategy (NDS1).

The first phase of the program will begin in December.

About 1,800 wells will be drilled this year, with one-third of the schools, along with regional leaders and local communities, to decide where the drilling will take place.

The multi-year plan will see one of the 9,600 schools drilled in each village.

In the early stages, the government targeted three wells in each woreda, and when there was sufficient production, solar-powered tap water programs were developed to serve villages and institutions.

The Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries, Water and Rural Rehabilitation, Dr. Asasabi Masuka, and the Minister of Public Security, Owen Nkube, have been digging wells in Manokti, Gokwe, over the weekend.

Speaking to the Manothi community, Minister Nukube said the Second Republic, under the leadership of President Manangagwa, is doing everything possible to achieve the Vision 2030.

“Our government, through the wise leadership of President Emerson Manangagwa, is doing a lot for the country through various development initiatives. In a short time, the government under the leadership and visionary leadership of His Excellency the President.

“Only the jealous people can turn a blind eye to the government’s big step in bringing development to the people,” said Minister Nuku.

He said the Pfumdudza program was one of the most important events in the government’s history and that the president’s gardening program was a follow-up program to further develop rural communities.

These wells and the Fumfudza program are clear examples of such projects that the people centered on and the president did not stop there.

According to Minister Masuka, the wells are intended to strengthen the capacity of the affected rural communities.