Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe wants to export vegetables to Italy

Zimbabwe’s Trade Development and Promotion Agency Zimtraded is expected to open up export opportunities for fruits and vegetables in Europe with the participation of local exporters in Macfrut 2021 in Italy.

Macfrut 2021 is the largest fresh trade fair in Italy from September 7-9, with three Zimbabwe exhibitions on display, with many manufacturers sending samples and other promotional materials through ZimTrade.

Zimtrad’s CEO, Allan Aljujuru, said he would discuss the re-engagement efforts under President Manangagwa II in line with the market diversity drive described in Italy’s National Export Strategy.

A.D. The focus on non-traditional markets such as Italy will go a long way in achieving the goal of market pluralism set out in 2019 by President Manangagwa’s National Export Strategy.

“We are confident of the positive results of the government’s economic diplomacy,” he said.

Mr. Majuru went on to say that participating companies: including fruit and vegetable leading enterprises, value-added and agri-technology – are from Italy and the rest of Europe is interested in sourcing from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s growing fruit and vegetable production is gaining momentum around the world, compared to other African markets.