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As a young boy, I lived in my grandmother’s house once or twice a week in the summer. I remember every detail of her flower garden, as it was yesterday. It was a huge circle garden. Inside the center were tall flowers, including hollyhock, followed by colorful zines, followed by Celosia and Marigolds. I loved the scent and loved the color. Perhaps those memories will be erased and I will look forward to growing those flowers, including those glorious ones.

This year I planted more zine in my garden than ever before. I’m very happy. They are a real work horse in summer dog days.

Georgia’s summer garden needs three key plants, after all, it is hot there. The best flowers for the hot summer months are low maintenance, heat and drought resistant and give a bright color. Zinius meets the bill in all three cases. Others. In fact, they are one of the best flowers to grow in your garden.

Is there an easy flower to grow? Probably not. Zines are annual, which means they move from seed to flower to seed. The seeds of the zigzag-like zigzags only need basic gardening to germinate: Sow them in well-drained soil with good sun and a lot of summer heat, and you will have small seedlings in a matter of days. In just a few weeks. No one can claim that speed!

Zinni works wherever they need color. They are in every conceivable color except blue. The older ones are taller and can reach up to 8 feet. There are other species that are more closely related but more abundant. Think Professional Zenia.

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Easy care

Zinnia is a minor maintenance. They hate the weeds because they are so fast growing. They do not require much fertilizer (sometimes only a well-balanced mixture), and do not need sorghum.

A dead head helps to produce many flowers.

Wet summers can take their toll. And that can lead to powdery mildew and leaf spot.

  1. Only when water is needed, and then only on the basis of plants. Wet leaves can promote the growth of mold, and spray water can quickly send fungus from the ground to the leaves of Zinia.
  2. Longer, more mold-prone species along with other plants in front.

Zenia Bonuses

They make large cut flowers.

It is easy to save the seeds of Zenia. Simply let the flowers dry completely on the stem, then collect the seed heads and crush them easily on your hands to release next year’s crop. Store the seeds in a cool, dry place, as they do.

One last reason to plant zenia year after year is that butterfly magnets. Large flowering species serve as landing pads for butterflies and hummingbirds.

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